About 5-Minute Travel Guide

Hello, I'm Andy and I started 5-Minute Travel Guide as a hobby in 2019 to provide fellow travelers with quick recommendations so they have more time to spend packing and booking flights. Why spend hours on the web, watching 30-60 minute travel shows, and ordering dozens of books? As a passionate traveler, I've already read the books and visited the destinations, so my 5-minute read articles and 5-minute videos will inform you about key attractions, delectable foods, and efficient itineraries.

While any travel is great, I focus on my favorite destinations - Europe and U.S. National Parks. I give you a realistic look at each desination. That means no filters, no waiting around for perfect weather, and no kickbacks received on anything mentioned.

European Destinations

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Palaces, the Habsburgs, classical music masterpieces, amusements, and the blue Danube await you in Austria's sophisticated capital.


Czech Republic

Medieval buildings and ornate spires radiate out from Old Town Square in this fun capital city where you'll find a little of everything.



From food halls and hippie communes to museums and picturesque waterways, Denmark's capital will make you smile. A sidetrip to Roskilde is included.



This historic riverside city is known for its wide range of architectural landmarks and world-class cuisine.


The city of lights and city of love has landmarks known all over the world. But perhaps its the fashion, cafes, and culture that keep the feelings of romance and wonder alive.


Ornate buildings, impressive castles, thermal bath houses, and Danube cruises are just some of the splendors awaiting you in Budapest.


Myvatn, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur

Myvatn, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur
These towns will be your base stations in the otherwise lonely Northeast portion of Iceland's ring road. The "Capital of North Iceland" Akureyri, volcanic wonders of Myvatn, and quaint beauty of Seydisfjordur perfectly embody Iceland.

Reykjavik, Golden Circle

Iceland's capital has much to do, while the Golden Circle sites of Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, Gulfoss, and Kerid Crater should be at the top of anyone's bucket list.


From beaches to glaciers to volcanic features, this diverse national park area makes a Northwest detour from Iceland's ring road worth it.

Westman Islands, Vik, Skaftafell

Westman Islands
Waterfalls, glaciers, beaches, cliffs - the list of awesome sites you'll encounter in the Southern portion of Iceland's ring road goes on and on. A ferry detour to the Westman Islands provides crater views and puffin sightings.


You'll see plenty of green and Guinness in this three-day itinerary through Ireland's capital. We also take an excursion to Powerscourt.

Dublin, Enniskerry, Kilkenny, Cashel

5-MINUTE VIDEO: Explore Dublin, nearby Enniskerry and Powerscourt, the must-see town of Kilkenny, and the impressive Rock of Cashel.

Killarney and Dingle

Killarney and Dingle
Wonders of nature await you at Killarney National Park, while a drive around the historic Dingle Peninsula fills you with beautiful coastline and toe-tapping pub music.



Enjoy masterpieces of Renaissance art, iconic churches, world-renown sculptures, and scenic vistas in the heart of Tuscany.


The destination of choice for romantics and scholars alike, the history, food, and essence of Rome make it a favorite among European travelers. It is hard to match the amount of epic attractions in one location anywhere else in the world.


A place like no other, the canals of Venice beckon exploration to find hidden wonders around every corner. This full itinerary fits in a visit to nearby Murano.


Fjord Tours

Fjord Tours
Go from Oslo to Bergen and back on this jaw-dropping excursion that includes scenice train rides, smooth fjord cruises, and sidetrips to other natural gems.


From Viking history to modern architecture, there's much to explore and eat in Norway's capital.

Lisbon, Belém, Cascais

Lisbon, Belem, and Cascais
Amazing food, pastel buildings, and coastal views await the visitor to Portugal's capital. Nearby Belém is packed with things to experience and the fishing town of Cascais it a hot spot for fun in the sun.


Moorish Castle ruins and the colorful Pena Palace await in this must-do day trip.

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands
Castle ruins, rugged coastline, rich countryside, and a storied history are just some of the amazing things you'll encounter in a visit to the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands Video
5-MINUTE VIDEO: Explore the best of the Scottish Highlands, including Glencoe, the must-see Isle of Skye, Inverness, and Cairngorms Park.


Tempting tapas and quirky Gaudi architecture abound in this storied city. We also suggest some noteworthy day trips.


Spain's elegant and artsy capital is quite walkable. World-class museums, busy plazas, and delicious tapas are seemingly around every corned. We also suggest some historic day trips.


From open air museums and sprawling palaces to modern architecture and posh cuisine, there's much to explore among the small islands that make up Sweden's capital.



Perhaps best known for its diplomacy, Geneva's cuisine and beautiful lakeside attractions will delight your senses.


U.S. National Park Excursions


Acadia, Maine
Located in Maine, this premiere Atlantic national park offers woodlands, rocky beaches with thunderous waves and seabirds, and granite peaks that bear glacier scars. It's home to Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the United States’ East Coast.


Arches, Utah
Located near Moab, Utah, this park is loaded with over 2,000 natural red sandstone arches, including the famed Delicate Arch.


Badlands, South Dakota
The rugged terrain of the South Dakota park offers dramatic views of towering spires and steep layered rock formations. Bison and prairie dogs populate the grasslands.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Whimsical, crimson hoodoos are the main attraction. These rocky Utah spires offer breathtaking vistas from a number of notable hiking trails.


Canyonlands, Utah
This desert-like landscape in Utah is divided into two main sections. Island in the Sky is a large flat mesa with panoramic views. The Needles houses tall rocky pinnacles and Indian petroglyphs.

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef, Utah
This smaller Utah park features striking sandstone formations, domes, and canyons.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake, Oregon
Located in Oregon, this park holds the deepest lake in the United States. It is known for its deep blue hue, but the surrounding old growth forests are equally beautiful.


Denali, Alaska
The king of Alaskan parks, you probably know it as the home of North America's tallest peak. The area's tundra, glaciers, and forests are home to a variety of wildlife, including grizzly bears, Dall sheep, and caribou.


Everglades - Florida
This large wetlands preserve in southern Florida is home to mangroves and marshes. Besides the abundant alligators, you'll find turtles, manatees, and perhaps a Florida panther.


Glacier, Montana
Diminishing glacier-carved peaks and valleys are the calling card of this Montana park that borders Canada. Going-to-the-Sun Road offers numerous scenic vistas, while hiking paths may help you see mountain goats or grizzly bears in the distance.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona
This Arizona canyon is world famous for its immense size. Layers upon layers of colorful reddish rock carved by the Colorado River offer a lesson in geology.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton, Wyoming
Beautiful lakes and alpine terrain mix with wildlife for a picture-perfect mountain experience. Located in Wyoming, it's a great place to become one with nature.

Great Basin

Great Basin, Nevada
This Nevada park has a little of everything. See ancient bristlecone pine groves, witness epic underground formations in the Lehman Caves, or gaze at the Milky Way in one of the darkest areas around.

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina and Tennessee
Stretching from Tennesee to North Carolina, this immensely popular and crowded park has an abundance of diversity. Beautiful mountains and remnants of old pioneer buildings are accessible by car. White water rafting is nearby.


Haleakala, Hawaii
This Hawaiian park is part of a massive shield volcano on the island of Maui. The combination of rugged volcanic landscape and tropical rain forest provides a wide array of vistas.

Hawai’i Volcanoes

Hawai’i Volcanoes - Hawaii
Active volcanoes and lava flows heigten the sense of adventure at this Hawaiian park. The Chain of Craters Road weaves over lava and by cliffside vistas.

Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords - Alaska
Glacier flows and icy water highlight this cool Alaskan landscape. Boat tours expand your reach, as the park has limited road access.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon, California
More than just deep valleys, this California park is home to the largest remaining grove of sequoia trees in the world and the General Grant tree.

Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Volcanic - California
Walk through an area devastated by a volcanic eruption, experience boiling mud pots from hydrothermal sites, and walk through serene meadows and clear lakes in this gem of a park in California.

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
Take a tour in the world's longest known cave system, located in Kentucky, and experience spacious chambers and monumental formations.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde, Colorado
Home of well-preserved ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings like Cliff Palace, the Colorado park also holds petroglyphs and canyon overlooks.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier, Washington
This iconic Washington mountain and active volcano, visible from Seattle, is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. Old-growth forests and alpine meadows add to the splendor.

North Cascades

North Cascades, Washington
Treed mountains and beautiful lakes offer numerous viewpoints, none more impressive than Washington Pass Overlook. The Washington park is exceptional for bird watching.


Olympic, Washington
Pacific driftwood beaches, rainforests, hot springs, and old-growth forests can be explored in this diverse Washington park.

Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest - Arizona
Enjoy a rainbow of colorful petrified wood, petroglyphs, and paleontology exhibits in this Arizona park.


Redwood - California
Home of the tallest trees in the world, you'll also find beautiful California coastline and waterways.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain - Colorado
This large Colorado park gets you well over 2 miles high to experience alpine meadows, wildflowers, pristine lakes, and wonderful vistas. Enjoy a diverse offering of wildlife and a beautiful night sky.


Sequoia, California
This California park houses the world's largest trees. They are truly a site to behold, surrounded by a dramatic landscape of canyons, mountains, and pristine old-growth forest.


Shenandoah - Virginia
Find peace outside of Washington, D.C. in this Virginian land of waterfalls, wildflowers, and still woodlands. This large park offers scenic drives and diverse wildlife.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota
In this rugged yet beautiful North Dakotan environment that shaped Teddy Roosevelt's conservation ideals, plains and badlands collide to provide spawling habitat for bison and prarie dogs.


Voyageurs, Minnesota
An expanse of waterways in northern Minnesota, this park offers activities for hikers, boaters, and seaplane passengers alike.

Wind Cave

Wind Cave, South Dakota
This large cave in South Dakota has many chambers and is most known for boxwork, a honeycomb-shaped cave formation.


Yellowstone, Wyoming and Montana
America's first national park, this area of volcanic activity is most known for Old Faithful. But besides geysers, there are colorful pools, bubling mud pots, and other thermal features. The landscape spans Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and boasts scenic overlooks and abundant wildlife sightings.


Yosemite, California
This popular California park features giant granite cliffs, such as the notable Half Dome and El Capitan. It also boasts huge waterfalls and sequoia trees.


Zion, Utah
Grand, steep red cliffs are the hallmark of this large Utah park. For the brave, trails cut through narrows, wade across rivers, and ascend peaks with only the aid of a chain. For the rest, the shuttle takes you to numerous vistas with easier access.